Spring Cleaning for Your Mental Health?

March is almost here and that means spring is around the corner! Spring season is often associated with renewal, growth, and a blossoming of life. The temperatures increase, our surroundings come to life with the emergence of flowers and the rebirth of trees. This is the perfect time for spring cleaning. When we think of spring cleaning, we focus on the physical aspect; scrubbing the floors & windows or throwing out old clothes and clutter. We spend time organizing and cleaning our surroundings. What if we applied this same process to our inner-self, renewing our mental health?

Just as spring cleaning a house is about refreshing and rejuvenating the physical space, spring cleaning for our mental health is about getting rid of any baggage that’s weighing us down and creating a clear and recharged outlook on life. Staying healthy mentally and emotionally is important because when we are distressed or fatigued, not only is our mind interrupted, but our physical health is affected as well. Now is the time to review the year so far, make some healthy changes and set positive plans for the future. Here
are some healthy Spring Cleaning tips for your Mental Health.

Clean Out the Clutter

Everyone engages in some behavior that is unhelpful or even harmful to themselves. We overeat, binge watch Netflix, procrastinate, waste money, etc. Cleaning out the clutter is about identifying and making an effort to rid ourselves of the habits or patterns in our lives that are unproductive and unnecessary. Everyone is imperfect, don’t feel guilty about things that have happened previously. This is an ideal time to let go of the past. Are you still holding on to resentments or grudges against others or yourself? Forgive and move forward.

Plan Your Ideal Future

Thinking too much about the future can be overwhelming! However there are a few ways to meditate on the future in a relaxing and positive manner. Try sitting down in a quiet room, take a few deep breaths, and begin to write. Ask yourself, “What do I want to cultivate this Spring?” Fill your page with things you’d love to do, people you want to see, places you want to go, and more. Think about how your life would look at the end of spring if all your dreams came true. When we write down our intentions and goals they take on extra meaning and we become more likely to accomplish them.

Live in the Moment

Springtime is a transitory period, where things can change at a moment’s notice. The weather and the landscape may go through dramatic changes during the season. Too often we rush through the week or focus on something that happened in the past. To really enjoy the beauty of Spring it is important we stay in the moment, savoring each day fully. When we do this we can begin planting seeds, setting roots, and growing into our future selves. This takes time and patience, like the sprouting and blooming of a flower. What actions can you take today to make you a stronger and more healthy person in the future?

Cleanse Our Spirit

Focusing on a renewed spirit increases the effects of a personal spring cleaning. Meditation and yoga are healthy ways to aid this cleaning process. Spending time in meditation, just a few moments each morning, can enhance our stamina for the day and build a positive outlook. If you practice prayer, Springtime is a great opportunity to begin a new chapter in your spirituality, seeking enrichment and personal growth. If you have trouble connecting to any spirituality, try practicing simple gratitude for the many benefits of Spring and the wonders of nature.

Spring Cleaning allows for new beginnings and a chance to create an enhanced life. We have an opportunity to become in control of our emotions, feelings and actions, creating personal growth. When we take care of our Mental Health we are able to appreciate the beauty and joy within and around us.

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