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NewBridge’s Aftercare & Relapse Prevention Program provides for the ongoing needs of newly sober patients as they go out into the world and deal with the challenges of work, school, family, couple-ship, and personal relationships. Using a wide variety of techniques, we assist patients as they face life without substances. We support them to replace harmful addictions with support, learning, and natural feelings of accomplishment that grow naturally out of their new healthy life. Counseling and support are individualized to meet the patient’s needs and lifestyle.

Relapse Prevention & Aftercare

Our aftercare program aims to help our patients continue the level of care that they received in our other programs. Aftercare is a gradual step down from our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Through our relapse prevention program NewBridge provides education  and tools to avoid relapse and to create a solid blueprint for sobriety.


Aftercare at NewBridge is designed to continue providing  patients a structured recovery program and allowing a safe place to discuss issues they face in early sobriety. Evidence has shown that people who attend Aftercare Programs upon completing treatment have a 50% greater chance of remaining sober during the first year.

NewBridge accepts many insurance plans for our Aftercare & Relapse Prevention Program.  The groups meet on Wednesdays, call our office for further details at (407) 644-1500

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