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At NewBridge Recovery


Physician supervision and medication management is an important part of the recovery process and can substantially help patients withdraw from drugs or alcohol comfortably. Our medical staff may temporarily prescribe medications that will assist you through your process of recovery. NewBridge also makes vitamins and supplements available to our patients to help repair the brain and body from the damage caused by addiction to the organs.


Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Reduce Cravings for  Drugs/Alcohol
  • Decrease Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Block Pleasurable Effects of Opioids and Alcohol
  • Improve Sleep Quality

NewBridge’s Suboxone Treatment and Maintenance Program includes:

  • Individualized treatment regimen
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine Physicians to oversee treatment
  • Increases chances of sustaining abstinence from opiates
  • Can be used on a maintenance basis while the patient stabilizes their emotional, physical and mental well being
  • Opportunity to maintain a productive life

Contact NewBridge for a medical assessment to determine if Medication-Assisted Treatment should be an appropriate part of your recovery.  Call 407-644-1500 to schedule an appointment with our Medical Director.


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