Family Program

One of the greatest rewards of recovery is the satisfaction from restoring personal relationships. Our family education program seeks to involve the family in the healing process

NewBridge’s Family Program

Families are an important part of the recovery process and NewBridge has a Family Program to help the loved ones of clients understand how they can help the recovery process and restore trust.  Families of people who have an addiction may have feelings of anger, grief, and mistrust from dealing with the using addict over time.  Our clinical team will guide the clients loved ones throughout recovery process.

The Family Program consists of:

  • Group Educational Meetings
  • Counseling Sessions with the Client and Family
  • Individual Counseling Sessions with our Family Program Director

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Family Integration In The Treatment Process

Using family education, we provide a way for family members to become knowledgeable, comfortable and accepting of the recovery process.  At the same time, we support honest communication between and among them about what has occurred over time.  We – and the addicted client — teach them how to take care of themselves when relapse signs occur, and how to stop enabling.  We help couples to replace unhealthy communication patterns with more intimacy, trust, and spontaneity.


We realize the important role that the family plays in an individual’s recovery. The family can be a critical component of an addict’s support group. At NewBridge we offer resources to educate and involve the family in recovery. For clients in our Intensive Outpatient Program and our Day Treatment Program (PHP), family members are encouraged to take advantage of all our services.

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