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Individual & Family Counseling

“One of the greatest rewards of recovery is the satisfaction from restoring personal relationships. Our family education program seeks to involve the family in the healing process.”

Individual Counseling Sessions

Patients are assigned their own personal therapist to guide, counsel and teach them through the recovery process and throughout their personal development. The therapist will develop an individualized treatment plan and have an individual session with the patient every week.

NewBridge Recovery Center Family Program

Families are an important part of the recovery process and NewBridge Recovery Center has a Family Program to help the loved ones of patient’s understand how they can help the recovery process and restore trust.  Families of people who have an addiction may have feelings of anger, grief, and mistrust from dealing with the using addict over time.  Our clinical team will guide the patient’s loved ones throughout recovery process.

The Family Program Includes

  • Educational Group Meetings designed for the patient’s family and loved ones
  • Individual Counseling Sessions for the family with our Family Program Therapist

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