Best Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment in Orlando

The continued use of drugs and/or alcohol, despite the ongoing problems it creates, is known as substance use disorder—mild, moderate or severe. The harmful use of substances can lead to behavioral and physical changes that result in strong cravings and an inability to control its use. If not properly treated, substance abuse can result in serious health, relationship, employment, and legal ramifications.

NewBridge helps people who are struggling with:

  • Alcohol
  • Opiates / Heroin / Pain Pills / Kratom
  • Xanax / Benzos / Klonapin
  • Cocaine and stimulants
  • Marijuana

Our specialized treatment is designed to make this process as comfortable as possible. By engaging in our comprehensive addiction treatment programs, individuals can develop the skills needed not only to break the cycle of addiction, but to maintain life-long sobriety.

Professional Staff Includes:

  • Board Certified Physicians in Addiction, Psychiatry and Internal Medicine
  • Masters Level Therapists
  • Certified Addiction Registered Nurses

We pride ourselves on having a superior clinical team that provides evidence-based practices and integrative therapies that are effective in treating addictions and other behavioral health problems.

Types of Treatment Offered at NewBridge:

  • Outpatient Detox & Stabilization
  • Medication Management
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